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Family Tour – Full  Day

It is to two hours and half if you come from some hotel in the  Papagayo Gulf where you will travel much of the Guanacaste area on the main road to the south of Liberia. Located inside of Tenorio Volcano National Park which is in the Northern lowlands.

The area that surrounds Rio Celeste is comprised of primary and secondary rainforest that is protected inside the national park. This park has a rainforest that protects species of wildlife of regional importance.


Arriving in the  area you have access  to the toilets if you needs it, after that we start with a spectacular hike , the trails is not that difficult, but there are some parts of the trails were you will need to walk on a lot of tree roots. The first section of the trail to the waterfall is on a very nice and flat trail but there is a set of steep stairs to go down to the waterfall.


Advice: Bring waterproof rain gear since this area can rain more. If you’re bringing camera equipment, you must have waterproof gear.


There is a local legend that when the Gods finished painting the sky, they dipped their paint brushes in the river creating the beautiful turquoise blue color.


- Transportation with Wi-Fi & A/C – Professional Tour Guide – Lunch – Activity described.


- Snacks & cooler included if the client requires for enjoy during the way.

Pick up time 7:00 a.m.

Return time 4:00 p.m.

¿What to bring?

- Confortable shoes for walk

- Rainjacket

- Repellent

- Sunscreen

- Water bottle

- Camera

-Hiking Poles: If you’re older

Regular o Private Tour

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